‘Klonoa’ included in Bandai Namco’s official calendar

Let's enter the door to Phantomile

A Japanese Twitter user has photographed four images from the official Bandai Namco calendar, with Klonoa showcasing May, supporting rumours of a franchise revival.

Twitter user ShonanFoobars tweeted pictures of their 2022 official Bandai Namco calendar adding to rumours that a new Klonoa game is in the works. NME has translated the tweet as follows:

“I received next year’s Bandai Namco calendar. Usually it has a single theme, but in this one each picture matches the season for that month. The characters from The Idol Master are watching the full moon. Also do we know if this means the revival of the Klonoa series?”


The four months shown display The Idol Master characters looking at the full moon for September, the girls from Den On Bu making Valentine’s day sweets for February, the Tales of Arise characters visiting a shrine on New Year’s for January, and Klonoa surfing with the Kid’s Day carp for May.

As reported by VGC, on December 17, Bandai Namco registered a trademark in the UK for “Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series”. Rumours of a revival for the 2.5D platforming series began back in 2019 when the company registered a “Klonoa Encore” trademark in Japan.

However, this escalated when in September it registered two further trademarks “Waffuu Encore” and “1&2 Encore”. The phrase waffuu relates to Klonoa’s catchphrase, and fed into the idea that the original two games would receive a remake and be sold as a double pack.

The first title already received a remake in 2008 for the Wii. However it was met with mediocre sales.


In other news, Yoko Taro and the team from NieR have sent out a jolly holiday greeting, thanking fans and confirming that they hope to take part in a NieR world tour “when things go back to like they used to be”.