‘Knockout City’ is getting a 10-day free trial across all platforms

The trial period provides access to the full game including all modes and no level capping

EA has announced that Knockout City will be getting a 10-day free trial when it launches on May 21.

While the team-based competitive dodgeball multiplayer has already been confirmed as a free game on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play, this free trial period will apply to all platforms.

Coinciding with Knockout City‘s free trial period is a ‘Block Party’ event running from May 21 to 30.


Taken from EA’s website, the event will kick off with a pre-launch stream on Twitch with the development team from Velan Studios.

The game servers go live on May 21 at 12 noon UTC, while other community events will take place throughout the 10 days, featuring celebrity streamers and athletes. Nore details will be announced soon.

The game’s first season also begins from May 25, featuring a new map, new Ball-up Brawl playlist, Season Contracts, weekly Crew Contacts, as well as the start of League Play.

The full game will be completely free during the trial period with complete access to different modes and no level caps, and in-game currency can be earned through various modes and challenges to unlock cosmetic items.

Players who decided to purchase Knockout City during the Block Party event will also receive bonus content that will stack with their existing rewards.


Knockout City is developed by Velan Studios, who also developed Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The founders Guha and Karthik Bala were previously the founders of Vicarious Visions, which has since merged with Blizzard Entertainment.

Elsewhere, PlayStation Play At Home is continuing with giveaways of in-game money and items.