Korn to collaborate with ‘World Of Tanks Blitz’ for Halloween event

The band have also released a music video for ‘Finally Free’ to celebrate the collaboration

Korn will be collaborating with World Of Tanks Blitz for a special Halloween event and to mark the release of their music video for ‘Finally Free’.

The video for ‘Finally Free’ is taken from their latest studio album release, ‘The Nothing’, and takes the character Captain from the World Of Tanks Blitz universe and turns him into a Korn fan. In the video, Captain is attempting to travel to Korn’s performance at the Burning Games, which is the setting for the new game mode in World Of Tanks.

With Korn’s entry into World Of Tanks Blitz, a five-stage event known as Convergence will be taking place between October 16-24. Throughout the period, players can complete in-game challenges to earn pieces of the band’s artwork and other unique items.


Check out the music video for ‘Finally Free’ below:

The Burning Games game mode will have players battling for survival for the promise of in-game rewards. To mark the Halloween season, all tanks will find their health leeched in the same vein as a vampire would without blood. In order to regain health, players must damage opponents to recover.

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis spoke in an in interview on the World Of Tanks Blitz about the band’s collaboration with the game

“I really like World of Tanks Blitz. It’s true to the era, there are a lot of great tanks in there and you don’t just jump on and start shooting,” said Jonathan. “I think there’s a connection between rock and video games, because video games are intense and rock ’n’ roll music is intense. It seems like they have always gone hand in hand.”

Watch the full interview below:


Alongside the Convergence themed festivities, another Halloween event called The Way Of The Raider will run for 60 stages between October 16-30. As players progress they will earn credits, free experience, free days of premium account, several new camos, and a сustom player profile.

Two new tanks are also part of the event. The Tier V Spike and the Tier VII Annihilator are two post-apocalyptic themed vehicles that were also featured in the Finally Free music video. Anyone who progresses through all 60 stages will be eligible to receive an animated Radioactive Glow cameo.

Korn aren’t the only band to recently appear in the gaming world. BTS released a new mobile game known as BTS Universe Story, an interactive storytelling game that allows players to make choices in order to decide narrative outcomes.

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