‘League Of Legends’ new Challenges system added by Riot Games

The new system offers titles, new ranks, and over 300 challenges

Riot Games has launched League Of Legends Challenges, which the developer says will bring “meaningful progression” to players.

Announced and arriving to the game today (May 5), players will have a new Challenges tab in their profile and over 300 challenges to attempt to complete. Challenges are for all players, not just for those that play Ranked, meaning ARAM and Clash players can unlock them too.

Each of the 300 challenges can be ranked up from Iron to Master, with Grandmaster and Challenger tiers available once Master is achieved. According to Riot “only a certain number of players per region can be in their tiers at any given time,” just like Ranked play.


Players can rank up their new relevant score via gaining points from completing challenges. There are five challenge categories to help players track progress, with each of the five also ranking up as well. They are:

  • Imagination – innovative plays
  • Expertise – skillful play (like completing a match without dying)
  • Teamwork and strategy – playing and working within the team unit
  • Veterancy – getting a high number of lifetime kills, gold earned and other statistics
  • Collection – collecting cosmetics and engaging in loot fills

pentakill league of legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

The challenge system also has a search bar, so players can find specific challenges via name or criteria as well.

Each challenge in League Of Legends is represented by a rectangular card, with the number in the top left representing how many points it awards, whilst the bottom shows the reward – which can be things like titles – a player will earn when hitting a certain tier.

Challenges will thus be integrated into every players profile, with the challenge crystal shown below the summoner icon. Titles will then show below the summoner name, with players able to choose any title they’ve unlocked via completing challenges.

“Even though challenges have launched, we’re not done working on them,” said Riot. “As one notable callout, we’re working on a new lobby customisation feature, tentatively named Banner Skins, that’ll come out after the initial challenges launch. Among other things, Banner Skins will give you the option to more prominently feature your past rank.”


In other news, Summer Game Fest has been dated for this June, with the show also live streaming in select IMAX theatres.