‘League of Legends’ Patch 11.24 buffs Ivern while nerfing Camille

How long until the game is perfectly balanced?

League of Legends patch 11.24 has been revealed, and it features buffs and nerfs to several champions and systems.

As posted to Twitter by RiotPhlox, a designer at developer Riot Games, Ivern will receive a buff, while Camille will receive a nerf. System buffs in this patch include Archangel’s Staff, Chemtech Mini Dragon, Hextech Mini Dragon and Conqueror.


Predator, Chemtech Dragon Soul, Crown of the Shattered Queen, Cosmic Drive, Evenshroud, Frostfire Gauntlet and Glacial Augment are all set to be nerfed.

We don’t currently have a detailed rundown for exactly how much or how little each stat will be adjusted, but it’s typical for these patch previews to be posted roughly a day or so before the full patch. When it does arrive, we’ll have the full details here.

Earlier this year, the League of Legends community were quick to point out several balancing issues that came as a result of the 2022 Preseason.

A series of posts on Reddit, first spotted by The Loadout, are showing players absolutely dominating games with a combination of new items and reworked features.

The new assassin item seems balanced on noc from leagueoflegends

User Drachir133 posted his gameplay clip of him testing some of the new weapons, and the community are worried certain changes have been implemented too heavily. The top comment on that post from user MattWay reads:


“Flux (passive): Whenever an enemy champion dies within three seconds after you’ve damaged them, refund 25 per cent of your ultimate’s total cooldown. Based on this it should work on assists too and it should be enough just to barely touch enemy champ – but if they die in 3s you get the refund. Rengar, Noc, Talon, Zed… *help*”

Another commented on the changes:

“Why do assassins always get some of the most rage-inducing items in the game? Last season they reworked duskblade to an abomination and now this?”

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