‘League Of Legends’ patch 12.9 will bring big changes for Olaf, Taliyah and Pyke

The next 'League Of Legends' patch will also make zombie Sion less of a menace

Riot Games has shared a preview for League Of Legends patch 12.9, detailing some sizeable changes to Olaf and Taliyah as well as a nerf aimed at players taking Pyke to mid lane.

Today (May 4), Matt Leung-Harrison – lead designer for game balance in League Of Legends – has detailed what players can expect from patch 12.9.


This includes a notable change to Taliyah, who has suffered from low play rates for several years. From patch 12.9, Taliyah will pack much more crowd control at the cost of some damage: casting Threaded Volley over worked ground will allow players to throw a boulder that slows enemies hit, while Taliyah’s Unravelled Earth ability will now stun players that dash through the skill’s affected area.

Olaf has also been changed, and players will now receive a shield by using Vicious Strikes. His ultimate ability can also be extended indefinitely by attacking other champions, though to compensate for these buffs, Olaf’s jungle clear speed will be dialled back.

Patch 12.9 will also take another shot at keeping Pyke locked in the support role. While Pyke will no longer rake in as much money from executing enemies, Leung-Harrison has shared he will receive buffs “in support focused ways.”

League Of Legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Top lane players can also rejoice, as patch 12.9 will bring an end to the popular zombie Sion build. Sion’s post-death state will only do 40 per cent damage to structures (down from 100 per cent), and a separate nerf to Hullbreaker means he won’t be such a split-pushing menace even after dying.

There’s also several smaller buffs and nerfs planned for other champions, however Leung-Harrison has shared that Riot is “holding off on doing significant item or burst champion changes until after the durability update.”


The durability update in question refers to Riot’s plans to slow down combat in League Of Legends.

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