‘League Of Legends’ Preseason 2022 adds objective bounties, new items and more

Expect further changes to map terrain, item builds and more

Riot Games has revealed more on what fans can expect from League Of Legends‘ Preseason 2022, with upcoming changes ranging from objective bounties to all-new Mythic items.

Toward the end of every year, League Of Legends enters the Preseason – an exciting time for Riot Games to make sweeping changes to the game without any risk of disrupting the professional scene.

For Preseason 2022, Riot is focusing on going back to strengthen a few of the bigger changes from previous years. To start off, Preseason 2022 will build on the Rise Of The Elements update that added game-changers like Elder Dragon buff, Dragon souls and terrain-changing map effects.


Preseason 2022 will add to this, adding even more “new terrain features” which will transform the map. As well as changes to the map terrain, League Of Legends fans can also expect changes to how the Dragon soul system will work.

League Of Legends Lux
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

The current system provides a permanent team-wide buff, which has different effects based on which randomly selected Dragon appears in each game. However, Preseason 2022 will expand on “the thematic possibilities of what empowers a dragon and how that empowers champions on the Rift”. While details are vague, Riot clarifies that players will receive further updates on Dragon changes later this year.

Similarly, Preseason 2022 will introduce objective bounties to targets such as the Dragon across the map. Designed to give players “additional ways to get back into a game when the going gets tough”, objective bounties will likely reward a losing team with bonus gold for taking objectives like Dragon, Baron and potentially even turrets.

Following on from 2021’s Mythic Forge update – which reworked almost every item in the game – Riot is now looking to patch some gaps left in the first update. The biggest addition will be entirely new mythic items for support players, however there will also be “improved legendary item options” for mages, assassin and tank class champions.

akshan league of legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games


While the new mythic items should add further diversity to the support role, Riot states that for legendary options “Some legendary items should be perfect for a few champs, instead of being okay for a lot of them”. This means that while some champions will excel with certain legendary items, there won’t be too many overly strategic choices to make with every single item purchase.

Outside of Summoner’s Rift, there are new choices to make regarding which Runes players use. Preseason will completely rework the Inspiration keystones, which have been lacking an identity since Riot removed Kleptomancy for balance reasons. As well as this, there will be further balance changes made to secondary runes.

From a cosmetics angle, Preseason 2022 brings a brand-new Challenges feature, which will offer players customized missions that reward XP and achievement points. Riot notes that the system will offer tailored tasks based on individual playstyle, allowing the community to “show off the exact type of player you are”.  As well as providing missions, challenges will allow players to track their general mastery and investment in League Of Legends, as well as compare their achievements to other players.

League Of Legends preseason 2022 crystals
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Working in hand with Challenges, Riot plan to add even more options for players to show their identity across the client. Completing Challenges will upgrade “a tiered progression crystal” (visible above) and unlock titles to equip. This system will also integrate existing systems like “champion mastery, Eternals, ranking, player level, events and collections into one umbrella so everyone has something to shoot for.”

Players still have a while to wait for Preseason 2022, however, League Of Legends fans will learn more soon: Riot plans on revealing more and opening the changes to discussion “as early as possible”, with more details releasing with September’s edition of Quick Gameplay Thoughts.

In other news, we recently spoke to Riot Games about the recent Sentinels Of Light event, and if fans can expect another.

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