‘Legends of Runeterra: A Curious Journey’ mixes things up with new keywords

Get attached to these formidable words

Legends of Runeterra is getting a new expansion called A Curious Journey, which brings in 48 collectible cards.

A Curious Journey will follow Ava where players will experience her journey’s conclusion, and is available today, February 16, at 7pm GMT. The expansion brings in 48 new cards, including four new champions: Gnar, Yuumi, Galio, and Udyr. And it will bring in two new keywords, Attach and Formidable.

“Units with Attach can be played on the board as a normal unit, or can Attach to an allied unit, providing that unit with the attached unit’s stats and keywords, amongst other bonuses depending on the card,” reads a press release on the new expansion. “Using Attach counts as targeting an allied unit and triggers effects like Fated, providing even more power!”


Formidable also allows units to change things up in unique ways too. “Formidable units turn bulk into brawn, and Strike using their current Health instead of their Power. Because they’ll get worn down through clashing with enemy units, be sure to keep Formidable units healthy to make the most out of them!”

Gnar is a unique champion, as it’s the first Legends of Runeterra Champion that can transform between level 1 and level 1. Yuumi is even more unique, as you can play it as a normal unit, or you can attach it to an allied unit to give them bonus stats and abilities. Udyr “brings the wild spirits of the Freljord to swap stances and grant him and his allies powerful buffs.” And Galio can give allies additional health, and strongly utilises the new Formidable keyword.

There’s also the Arcade Battle Event, which “brings Arcade & Battle Boss skins to Legends of Runeterra, and comes with an Event Pass with a new PvE addition. Players who purchase the Premium Event Pass and complete the entire pass can fight a super-powered AI version of Final Boss Veigar. Completing the fight will earn players the Final Boss Veigar skin in-game!”

You can also plan out your day one deck at Mobalytics ahead of the release.


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