Lego labels a few ‘Super Mario’ sets as “retiring soon”

There's no definitive end or return date for the products

The official Lego website in the UK has labelled three of its Super Mario themed products as “retiring soon,” suggesting they’ll stop selling them in the near future.

As spotted by VGC, each product with the mark doesn’t have an indication of when they’ll no longer be on sale, so no definitive date can be given. The three products with the label are as follows:

  • Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set
  • Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set
  • Builder Mario Power-up pack

On the US Lego store the “retiring soon” label doesn’t appear for any products, including the three above, bringing into question whether or not the reason for the label having anything to do with region stock levels.


Lego Super Mario
Lego Super Mario. Credit: LEGO

The three sets are part of Wave 1 of the Super Mario Lego collection that launched on August 1 of last year, leading to the possibility that the rest of the Wave 1 products may also be retired at some point in the near future.

The Nintendo themed Lego sets have been going strong since launch, with the Super Mario 64 question block revealed yesterday (September 9). The sizable block unfolds to reveal diaramas of iconic levels from Super Mario 64 like the Peach’s Castle hub, Bob-Omb Battlefield and Cool, Cool Mountain.

The 2,064-piece set will release on October 1 for £159.99 and include ten micro-figures of in-game characters, with both versions of Mario and Peach needing to be seen to be believed. Some of the sets in the collaboration even include a Nintendo Entertainment System and TV, and sets that aim to emulate levels from the games as well.


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