Lego teases another Nintendo collab with giant ‘Super Mario’ question block

What's the question though?

A mysterious tweet from Lego has suggested that a large buildable Super Mario question block (or something else Mario related) might be on the way.

Posted by the official Lego Group Twitter account, the tweet is about as vague as it can get, simply stating “Hello! We’ve got a question for you…” followed by a 22-second video. The video shows a very dimly lit question block that appears to be made out of Lego bricks.


From there, well, that’s it for any kind of information from Lego just yet. All we do know is that the question block looks just like the ones we have seen in the Super Mario games. What could it be? A question block. That’s the most logical explanation given Lego has previously developed detailed builds of other Nintendo and Super Mario-themed collaborations.

In the past, Lego has released a detailed NES model along with a 1980s style television set that even offered its own scrolling Super Mario Bros scene. The intricate model also included a controller with a connecting cable and plug, and an opening slot for a game cartridge. That’s how well-designed it was.

Earlier in the year, Lego also announced its new Adventures with Luigi Starter Course which complemented the Super Mario Lego range that was released back in January 2021.

Super Mario isn’t the only franchise that the brick builders have embraced either, with a fan-designed Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set planned for release.

For now we will have to wait and see what this question block truly means, but we’re guessing it means exactly what the video suggests – a new addition to everyone’s Lego Super Mario Bros collection, and it’s very block-shaped by the looks of things.


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