‘Life Is Strange’ creator Dontnod Entertainment has mysterious news to share

The company has teased a new announcement via Twitter

French developer and publisher Dontnod Entertainment has announced that it has news coming later today regarding its upcoming projects (May 31).

The news comes via the company’s official Twitter account in a post that reads, “A little birdie told us that if you come back here tomorrow, you’ll see some news from us and maybe even get some clues as to what we’ve been working on!” Dontnod’s website is currently undergoing maintenance, which may indicate that there’s at least one concrete announcement planned.

Life Is Strange
Life Is Strange: Remastered. Credit: Dontnod Entertainment


The studio, which is perhaps best known for its episodic adventure series Life Is Strange, revealed back in 2020 that it was working on a total of six games to be released by 2025. This number has since grown to eight, according to a recent business report. One of the titles was Twin Mirror which was released later that year, but most of the other titles haven’t yet been announced. The remaining titles were simply dubbed as Project 8, Project 9, etc.

In the previously mentioned business report, it’s stated that “in 2022 Dontnod will strengthen its production capacity in the buoyant action-RPG segment, through the ramp-up of development of Project 8 with Focus Entertainment and the launch of a new production line dedicated to this segment.” Focus previously published Dontnod’s 2018 outing Vampyr, and despite a mixed critical reception, the game has since gone on to sell over 2million copies, which may indicate a sequel is in the works.

The business report also mentions, “The studio will also continue its deployment in Montreal with the creation of a multi-project division with a strong narrative component” headed by the creators of Life Is Strange.

Dontnod’s most recently developed game, Twin Mirror, received a disappointing two-out-of-five-star review from NME: “Twin Mirror’s vision of modern America constantly stumbles into cliché and lacks the energy or determination to dig itself out. As an investigation game, it’s criminally under-plotted, and its ‘mind palace’ detective mode adds variety but little substance. Not one of Dontnod’s best.”

Twin Mirror
Twin Mirror. Credit: Dontnod Entertainment

In other news, V Rising’s developer has shared details on the future of the game. 

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