Listen to Utah Saints’ new track written for beat ’em up ‘Final Vendetta’

'No Turning Back' is one of four tracks Utah Saints have written for the game

‘90s electronic dance duo Utah Saints are back scoring some of the music of upcoming beat ‘em up Final Vendetta, and you can check out one of the tracks below.

The chart-topping group consisting of Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt have created four tracks for Final Vendetta, with Lee “Featurecast” Mintram set to compose the soundtrack as well.

You can listen to the reveal of Utah Saints’ new track ‘No Turning Back’ below:


Developed by Bitmap Bureau, Final Vendetta is beat ‘em up in the vein of genre classics like Streets Of Rage, playable for one to two players. The Utah Saints’ contributions to Final Vendetta mark the group’s first new music Willis and Garbutt have released in over a decade, and the duo told NME about how they got involved:

“We’ve known Lee [Featurecast] for quite a long time, and he’s always been into his video games,” says Garbutt. “He’s worked with Bitmap Bureau before and asked if we wanted to be involved with this, and we’re always up for doing cool new things, especially considering the style of the game.”

“The way it got pitched was we’re doing this game, and it’s in the style of Streets of Rage, probably the most iconic soundtrack because of the way it’s locked into club culture at the time really well,” Willis adds.

Final Vendetta
Final Vendetta. Credit: Bitmap Bureau

“A lot of people were just getting home from nights out, relatively intoxicated, and just playing video games. We saw the visuals and thought it looked ace. Hopefully, it will keep one foot in the nostalgia part of things and one foot in the future, just like our music, so it’s a great fit.”


NME’s full interview with Utah Saints also has the duo talking about how they approached writing for a video game, how the group reinvented themselves, and even about the time they almost made a game for the Phillips CD-i in the ‘90s. You can read it here.

Final Vendetta launches on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on June 17.

In other news, Riot Games has teamed up with Xbox to bring five of its most famous titles to Game Pass for PC and mobile later this year.

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