‘Little Nightmares 2’ has sold 1 million copies

It's been a little big success

Less than a month after launch, Little Nightmares 2 has already sold over 1 million copies.

Bandai Namco confirmed the news via its website, emphasising that it is the first time a title developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has achieved such a milestone in this timeframe. In total, the Little Nightmares franchise has sold over 5 million units.

In NME’s review, Ewan Wilson called Little Nightmares 2 “an artful puzzle platformer bursting with creative imagery,” while its characters Mono and Six are “a likeable duo and true underdogs”.


“We’re very proud of the success of Little Nightmares and really grateful with how fans have embraced the universe through the games and the comics, putting their minds to work to find the wildest theories about Little Nightmares”, said Herve Hoerdt, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe’s senior vice president of marketing, content and digital said in a statement.

“These are two important milestones for a franchise that we have nurtured and grown within Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and would not be possible without the amazing support from the Little Nightmares community. We can’t wait to share with you what’s next in the Little Nightmares universe”

The future of Little Nightmares will however continue without its original developer Tarsier Studios, who were acquired by Embracer Group in 2019. As reported in IGN, Tarsier CEO Andreas Johnsson said it would “embark on a new chapter, create new IPs and explore new worlds.”

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