Lizzo and GAYLE will perform in ‘Roblox’ for the Song Breaker Awards

The Logitech Song Breaker Awards will air on April 30

Logitech has announced its second annual Logitech Song Breaker Awards will be hosted in Roblox and will feature a performance by Lizzo.

The Song Breaker Awards will premiere in Roblox on Saturday, April 30, and will be hosted by YouTuber and TikTok entertainer Bretman Rock, along with multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Lizzo, who will debut her metaverse performance.

“I’m excited to be making my metaverse debut with Logitech and to be performing ‘Special,’ which is a song that means so much to me,” said Lizzo. “As a musician and creator, I love that [the] Logitech Song Breaker Awards show recognizes the unique talent of all creators, and how each of them are making an impact on pop culture and music.”


Credit: Roblox Corporation

As the press release details, this year Logitech and Bretman Rock will be highlighting ten creators from the Billboard Song Breaker Chart who are driving music consumption through digital content creation.

“I’ve had so much fun collaborating with Logitech For Creators on the show,” Rock said. “I’ll be hosting, so you already know you’ll be entertained. I’m excited for the community to join us to celebrate some incredible and talented artists together!”

The Song Breaker Awards will also feature more creators, including Jaden Smith, Roblox player MeganPlays, and Twitch streamer Shroud. Additionally, a music performance from GAYLE best known for her Billboard no. 1 hit song ‘abcdefu’ – will also be featured.

Ahead of the in-game show, Roblox players and fans will be able to hang out before it begins, ride a rollercoaster, collect Creator Coins, and earn badges through gameplay to unlock special items. There will also be exclusive merchandise – such as Lizzo concert t-shirts – from the Logitech For Creators virtual store.

More details can be found on the official Roblox website.


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