‘Loop Hero’ is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year

Looping on the go

Four Quarters has announced that Loop Hero will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Loop Hero was originally released on PC in March this year. Players use cards to build looping dungeons to challenge AI heroes. During the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, a trailer announced that the game, published by Devolver Digital, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, but no firm date was given for the release.

In Loop Hero, players control a boy who has forgotten all memory of life before a great calamity. To undo this calamity, players will venture into dungeons to earn cards and allies to defeat the lich responsible for everything eventually.


Players will use earned cards to improve the looping dungeon they are trapped in. However, this is a careful balance as players want to challenge their hero without overwhelming them. Assistance can be provided by equipping gear and combining cards to provide buffs. As the player gets more powerful, they can add more formidable foes. The improved foes will drop better gear, further increasing the player’s power.

Devolver Digital spoke to IGN about publishing Loop Hero, saying, “When we first encountered Loop Hero it led to a 98% drop in productivity at Devolver. We can’t thank Four Quarters enough for giving us the opportunity to share their incredible game with the rest of the world. They fully deserve all of the praise they’ve received so far, but seriously, we can’t get any work done and may never recover from this.”

Elsewhere, Jet Set Radio inspired Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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