‘Lost Ark’ bans over 1million bot accounts

This follows a bot problem in the MMO

Lost Ark developer Smilegate says it has banned over 1million bot accounts from the MMO.

This comes from a forum post (via Eurogamer) published yesterday (March 4), which addressed the ongoing bot issue in Lost Ark that’s been present since it launched last year.

While the developer has tried to avoid banning players accidentally identified as bots, it acknowledges some may suffer unjustly. It thus recommends they submit a ticket on the game’s support site here.


“Maintaining a fair and fun gameplay experience for our players is a top priority for the team. While we intend to make a massive impact with this ban wave, we know that there is more work to be done and want players to know that this is only one step in what will be an active and ongoing process,” wrote Smilegate.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate RPG.

“Looking ahead, we will continue our work on detecting and removing botting, cheating, and harmful behaviour from Lost Ark at scale, which includes expanding our anti-cheat tools, improving bot identification methods, and rolling out more ban waves as frequently as is necessary.”

Lost Ark’s first major content update should be released at some point this month, bringing with it a new story episode, a new end-game activity and more. Bug fixes and planned downtime concerning the March update will be revealed by Smilegate at a later time in March.

For players wishing to transfer between servers, Amazon Game Studios has already said that “unfortunately, [server transfers are] not a viable option at this point for the western version.”


In other news, information on Halo Infinite’s second season has been revealed, including the new maps, co-op campaign, and game modes to come. Season 2 is currently set to launch on May 3.

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