‘Lost Ark’ update fixes daylight savings error and issues compensation

Arkesia Grand Prix and Tytalos Guardian Raid issues have been addressed with in-game compensation

The latest weekly update for Lost Ark will include fixes for issues relating to daylight savings time. It also offers compensation for players who got into the Tytalos Guardian Raid while it was broken.

The weekly update took place this morning (March 17) with four hours of downtime occurring between 7AM UK time and 11AM UK time. The priority is on fixing a number of in-game timers that were an hour off due to the daylights saving time switch in the US.

Previously, a hotfix was implemented but it did not correct the issue. Because of the time problem, players were left uncertain when the Arkesia Grand Prix would take place. To compensate for the confusion, players are being given 3,000 Grand Prix event tokens to make up for things.


Fortunately, issues surrounding the Tytalos Guardian Raid have been corrected. Earlier in the week, Amazon Game Studios was encouraging players to avoid it until a fix was issued.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate.

Any player who tried to complete the Tytalos Guardian Raid before it was adjusted will be compensated with refills on items like awakening stones, battle items, phoenix feathers, and blue crystals; based on how many they used during the battle.

The Lost Ark forums have a full post on all the tweaks being made to the game. Another change involves monthly and weekly Crystal bonus packs now granting appropriate bonuses to players. Anyone who missed out will also have the bonuses granted to them retroactively.

Earlier this week, Smilegate admitted that bots continue to be a problem. However, the developer is working on the matter.

Previously, Amazon game Studios franchise leader, Soomin Park, said that the game will catch up with the eastern version “quickly”.


In other gaming news, a release date has been confirmed for Sniper Elite 5. The game will be released in May 2022 and offers an impressive sounding Invasion Mode.