‘Lost Ark’’s first endgame Legion Raid launches this month

Alongside a brand new "relic" gear rarity

Smilegate has revealed the full details for the major Lost Ark update coming in May.

In a comprehensive blog post, Lost Ark devs reveal the imminent launch of Valtan, the first endgame Legion Raid. The new update will also introduce a new gear rarity to earn, and an advanced class called Destroyer.

Valtan is the first Legion Raid set to come to Lost Ark, offering players raid-style challenges that will require teamwork and careful planning. Each one will be guarded by a Commander, possessing their own unique abilities and characteristics.


Players will need to be level 1415 to tackle the Valtan Legion Raid on normal difficulty when it arrives later this month, and level 1445 to attempt it on hard. It’s definitely endgame content, and is described as follows:

“Valtan is an eight-player Legion raid, has 2 gates, and introduces a swathe of new mechanics.”

In addition to the new raid content, there’s also new wardrobe items on the way. They are decidedly more modern than the usual offerings available in Lost Ark. You can check out some of the items available in Neria’s Wardrobe in the trailer below:

As detailed in the full blog post, the update will also add a bunch of quality of life updates, including front and back attack indicators, UI updates and more.

A brand new advanced class will arrive this month too. The Destroyer class will be the fourth advanced class for Warrior players, and comes armed with a huge hammer and gravity-bending abilities.


The upcoming May content update follows a patch that dropped at the end of March, bringing PvP balancing and tweaks to the Battle Item bundle. In a three-star review of Lost Ark, NME wrote: “Fun it may be for a time, it soon turns into effort that makes you less keen to keep on returning”.

In other news, a new ‘Final Fantasy 16’ trailer is complete and will release soon.

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