‘Luigi’s Mansion’ Lego sets are coming next year

Just in time for Hallo-wait a minute!

Nintendo has announced that official Luigi’s Mansion Lego sets are coming as part of the company’s push to put the Super Mario brand in brick form.

The company released a short video today (October 31) just in time for Halloween, but the actual sets won’t be launching until next year, on January 1 2022. You can see the three sets in the embedded video below.



Of the three sets, one is called “Lab and Poltergust” and looks to include Doctor E Gadd and the Poltergust 3000, Luigi’s trusty ghost-catching vacuum cleaner. Whilst the others are larger sets with plenty of ghosts and spooky mansion decor. One titled “Haunt-and-Seek” even gives you a square King Boo figure and Toad trapped in a painting.

The Luigi Lego figure in the video is sold separately and was put on sale in August of this year. Luigi will interact with the sets via a speaker in his body, but exactly how this will work with each set remains to be seen.

LEGO Super Luigi Starter Course
LEGO Adventures with Luigi Credit: LEGO

Nintendo also recently announced a giant question block diorama set that unfolds to reveal recreations of some famous Super Mario 64 levels. Back in September, some of the Mario sets were labelled as “retiring soon”, and the website (in the UK) now has even more of the sets labelled the same with no indication as to when they’ll be actually leaving, or if they’ll ever return.

If you want to know which Nintendo 64 games are also on the Nintendo Switch via Nintendo Switch Online, you can find the list here.


In other news, reports suggest that the potential Modern Warfare reboot sequel from Infinity Ward could include gore, weapon jamming, and a morality system.

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