Maradona may be removed from ‘FIFA 22’ amid trademark dispute

Maradona is available in FIFA Ultimate Team

The likeness of the late Diego Maradona may have to be removed from FIFA 22 by EA after the ruling of an Argentine court.

It seems as though EA had done a deal with a friend and former manager of Maradona Stefano Ceci, according to Argentinian news site Infobae (via Eurogamer). Still, Ceci couldn’t prove he had the legal powers to sign the deal.

The Argentine court has recognised that the trademark owner for Maradona’s license is, in fact, Sattvica, the company of Matías Morla, who was the former lawyer of Maradona. Morla apparently gained control of the Maradona brand last August.


As of writing, Maradona is still available in both FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 via Ultimate Team, with no word from EA as if or when his likeness will be removed from its games.

FIFA 22 - fut Muller
FIFA 22. Credit: EA Sports

Maradona died at age 60 last year after a heart attack, just two weeks after being released from brain surgery at a hospital in Buenos Aires. Also, according to Eurogamer, a portion of Maradona’s estate will go on sale next month after his five surviving children chose to do so.

Elsewhere in the realm of FIFA, 30,000 FIFA 22 players have been banned from the game for using a “no loss glitch” that allows them to exit games without actually incurring a loss in their in-game records.

“We have identified over 30,000 active accounts that exploited this issue consistently,” said EA. “[We] have suspended them from FIFA 22 online for seven days, preventing them from participating in this week’s FUT Champions Finals.”


In other news, a modder has mashed both Dark Souls and Halo together into one mod that adds franchise guns, maps, and even PvP multiplayer maps to the title. It’s filled with hilarious yet broken glitches as well.

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