‘Mario Kart Tour’ gets a new driver

Magikoopa Kamek is coming to ‘Mario Kart Tour’

Mario Kart Tour, the mobile version of the Nintendo racing classic, is getting a new driver – none other than Magikoopa Kamek.

A new driver for the popular Mario Kart mobile game was announced yesterday via Twitter, with a not-so-subtle hint as to who will be joining the game.

“The Frost Tour is wrapping up in #MarioKartTour,” it read. “Next up is the Kamek Tour, featuring RMX Ghost Valley 1! In case the tour’s name isn’t a big enough hint, the new driver is hidden somewhere in this image…”


The “Kamek Tour” could only be referring to Magikoopa Kamek. But tucked away in the background of the official image is our first glimpse of Kamek in the game – even if he is only cheering from the side lines.

Of course, Magikoopa Kamek has long been intended to be part of the Mario Kart universe. But he’s never quite managed to get behind the wheel of his own kart.

Pre-release screenshots of Mario Kart 64 featured a playable Magikoopa, but he was replaced by Donkey Kong before the game hit the shelves. During Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Kamek can be seen hovering back and forth near the end of Bowser Castle 3 – but again, didn’t get to race. Although complete absent from Mario Kart Wii, there was an unlockable bike shaped like a Magikoopa – the Magikruiser. Finally, it looked as though Magikoopa Kamek might have made his debut in Mario Kart 8… but while an unused player icon hints that he was planned to appear in the game, he never quite made it.

Now, it looks as though Kamek will finally get to join in the race in Mario Kart Tour.

And with a whole tour in his honour, it looks as though Nintendo is finally setting things right after doing Kamek dirty for so long.


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