‘Marvel Snap’ publisher signs “multiversal” RPG ‘Dragonheir: Silent Gods’

Nuverse is set to publish the strategic role-playing game (RPG) later this year

Nuverse, the publisher behind Marvel Snap, has announced that it will be publishing upcoming role-playing game Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

Set to launch for PC and mobile in the second half of 2023, Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a high-fantasy open-world game that’s being developed by SGRA Studio.

Today (March 2), Nuverse has announced that it will be publishing the upcoming game for SGRA.


“We’re excited to be working with SGRA to support a title with such a unique premise,” shared a spokesperson at Nuverse. “Dragonheir: Silent Gods’ immersive multiversal setting will bring players an incredible experience and SGRA have done a fantastic job bringing all of that to life through rich storytelling and a true sense of high fantasy adventuring.”

The spokesperson added that more information will be made available in the “coming months”.

As for Dragonheir, the strategic role-playing game will task players with saving the world of Adenthia from a “draconic evil” that threatens the world and other dimensions. Players will be able to pick from four classes at launch – soldier, thief, sage and entertainer – and can customise their character’s looks and attributes.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Credit: SGRA Studio.
Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Credit: SGRA Studio.

Additionally, SGRA has shared that Dragonheir will launch with over 200 heroes that can be recruited by players, along with a multiplayer co-op mode. Plans for post-launch content have also been confirmed, with SGRA teasing more quests, heroes, and areas to be added at a later date.

On Dragonheir‘s Steam page, SGRA describes the game’s combat system as “semi real-time” and compares it to chess.


“Positioning is key and the way heroes are placed can be the difference between victory and defeat,” reads the listing. “When in battle, the choice will be yours as to when you should attack or defend, push forward or retreat.”

An exact date for Dragonheir‘s launch is yet to be announced.

In other gaming news, Apex Legends publisher EA has reportedly laid off the game’s core testing staff at its Baton Rouge studio.

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