‘Marvel Snap’ scraps Nexus Events over “garbage” monetisation controversy

"Hopefully their next idea isn't another shitty lootbox," shared one player

Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner has announced that it will be cancelling Nexus Events with an “emergency patch”, following backlash over the card game’s approach to monetisation.

In a statement posted today (July 29), Marvel Snap‘s chief development officer Ben Brode acknowledged backlash surrounding Nexus Events (via Dexerto), which locked cards behind a loot box-style system with very low odds of getting the card you want.

“We’re still working on what our future monetisation/new card plans might look like, but we know for sure they’re not Nexus Events,” announced Brode. “We were able to sneak out an emergency patch to disable all future Nexus Events once the current one ends on Monday.”


“This patch also reverts the change to credit bundle purchases that came with the Nexus Events update – you will again be able to use gold to purchase multiple credit bundles in the shop each day,” added Brode.

Brode went on to say that removing Nexus Events is the “first step that [Second Dinner] could implement quickly,” and said the studio is continuing to work on alternatives to Nexus Events. While nothing specific has been discussed, Brode shared that he hopes more information can be provided “early next week”.

So far, the Marvel Snap community’s response to Nexus Events being removed has been mostly positive. “The fact that they can recognize what happened and scrapped the whole thing is amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better outcome,” shared one fan on a Reddit page discussing the changes.

Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap. Credit: Second Dinner, Marvel.

“Glad they’re scrapping that complete garbage of an event. Hopefully future ones are drastically different,” another comment reads.


“I am cautiously optimistic, my trust is far from earned back, but this is (hopefully) a big step in the right direction,” posted another player, while a separate post says it’s “still scummy that they did it in the first place though. Hopefully their next idea isn’t another shitty lootbox.”

Marvel Snap was announced with a trailer in May, which showcased the game’s multiverse-spanning roster and alternate card art styles.

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