Marvel vs DC as Gamora and Superman head to ‘Fortnite’

Crisis on Infinite Islands

Fortnite is playing host to an unofficial crossover of Marvel and DC, as the Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Gamora and the Justice League‘s Superman are the latest unlockable skins to debut in the battle royale game.

The two superheroes debut in the current season of Epic’s popular shooter, which sees aliens invading the island where Fortnite’s endless battles take place.

Superman is available in-game now, as part of the “Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass”. To unlock the Man of Steel though, players will first have to unlock his alter ego, Clark Kent, who has appeared on the island lacking his memories – and, initially, superpowers.


To do this, players will need to complete five quests given by Clark Kent himself, or fellow DC stalwarts Armored Batman or Beast Boy, then rack up a few in-game objectives – gliding through three rings as Clark, and using a phone booth to finally transform into Superman. Completing all the objectives also unlocks a series of emotes and cosmetic items along the way.

Epic quests can also be completed to unlock further items, including a “Kal-El’s Cape” glider. More committed players may want to chase down the Shadow Clark Kent and Shadow Superman skins too – black-suited versions inspired by the classic Death of Superman storyline from the comics – by completing 84 epic quests (thanks, PCGamesN).

Gamora, meanwhile, is coming to Fortnite’s Item Shop on August 14, where players will be able to purchase a bundle including both “the deadliest woman in the galaxy” and her teammate Star-Lord.

Alternatively, players can unlock Gamora early by competing in the “Gamora Cup”, an in-game tournament that kicks off on August 11. Working in pairs, players “will have 3 hours to earn as many points as you can in 10 games. The top-performing teams in each region will receive the Gamora Outfit and Gamora Cloak Back Bling. Anyone who earns at least 8 points will earn the Daughter of Thanos Spray.”

Superman and Gamora are the latest in a series of characters from both DC and Marvel who have appeared in Fortnite. In September 2020, Marvel published Nexus War, an event comic where characters such as Thor, Wolverine, Doctor Doom, and Gamora’s fellow Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot, found themselves battling on Fortnite’s island, while DC is currently publishing Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, which does the same for the Caped Crusader.


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