‘Marvel’s Avengers’ becomes the most downloaded beta in PlayStation history

Over six million players partook in the beta across multiple consoles

The recent Marvel’s Avengers beta has become the most downloaded beta in the history of PlayStation, according to Square Enix.

Last month (August) saw the beta arrive over multiple weekends, with PS4 users who have pre-ordered the game being the first to dive into its contents. In a tweet from Square Enix on Twitter, the company revealed that this has caused the Marvel’s Avengers beta to break PlayStation records.

The company congratulated developer Crystal Dynamics and declared the milestone “a heroic achievement”.


You can see the full tweet below:

Yesterday (September 1), the company released a new Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream and detailed some of the statistics of the game’s beta. It’s said that six million players partook in the beta over its three consecutive weekends, however, the figure does not state how many of those were PlayStation users.

Across those six million players, over 27 million hours of the beta were played and 389 million enemies were disposed of across its playtime.

The War Table stream also revealed another post-launch hero in the form of Kate Bishop, the protégé of Hawkeye. Bishop will be added with a brand-new story mission titled Kate Bishop: Taking AIM, and is said to follow directly after the events of the main game. Hawkeye will be arriving at a later date in November.


Many more heroes will be added to the game in the coming months and a recent datamine into the beta has seemingly revealed which characters will be joining. Each of these additional characters will also come with a purchasable battle pass, adding an assortment of resources, units, credits, and cosmetics for completing in-game challenges.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now for PCPS4 and Xbox One for deluxe edition owners, with the full game opening up to standard edition players on September 4.

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