‘Marvel’s Avengers’ celebrates its one year anniversary with a free bundle

One year of super hero antics

Crystal Dynamics released Marvel’s Avengers one year ago. To celebrate, a free bundle is available in the store, and a new roadmap is incoming.

Marvel’s Avengers players will be able to claim a limited-time bundle during the anniversary event, which is live until September 9. The bundle includes the Iron Alloy outfit for Iron man, along with a Black Panther nameplate and a handful of boosts. Two boosts are hero catalysts; the other two are fragment extractors. Both boosts will be active for two hours when used.

Also, during the event, players will be able to receive a guaranteed daily exotic by completing the weekly priority mission. During the event, the weekly mission will be able to be completed daily instead of one per week. The spawn rate of the Cargo Runner Synthoid has also been increased.


For those interested in Marvel Avenger’s future, an updated roadmap for the rest of 2021 will be released on September 8. Alongside this, a new state of the game blog will be released, including the team’s plans for the future of the game, and a look back at the development so far.

Recently Marvel’s Avengers dropped the Denuvo anti-piracy software that had been enabled since launch. The software has often been blamed for degrading performance in PC games for the sake of protecting against piracy. Several other games have recently removed the software.

The same patch also removed an unintended damage buff from Black Panther’s Nehanda costume. The buff allowed players to deal so much damage that a solo player could defeat a multiplayer boss in seconds. The patch notes said, “An unintended damage buff for Black Panther tied to the Nehanda gear no longer occurs. Yes, we’ve seen the videos.”

Elsewhere, Microsoft Flight Simulator has delayed its Top Gun expansion to May 2022 to match its release with the film.