‘Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy’ will have an original rock album

The fictional band is where Peter Quill gets his title

The upcoming Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy game from Eidos-Montréal will have its own rock album filled with original music. 

From fictional in-game band Star Lord, where Peter Quill gets his other name, the album ‘Space Rider’ is an 80s rock inspired set of songs written and performed by senior audio director Steve Szczepkowski, senior creative director Jean-Francois Dugas, and sound designer Yohann Boudreault.

“I wrote and recorded ten songs,” Szczepkowski told NME, “there was not one time I delivered [music] to my creative director saying ‘alright, here’s this song’ and he was like ‘no it doesn’t work’. Every one was approved by Marvel, and approved by my creative director, so it was like ten for ten.”


More can be learned about the music of the game in a video below.

The songs can be played in-game via the Milano’s jukebox, and other licensed songs can be played during combat via the huddle feature. Richard Jacques is the composer of the original soundtrack for the game, and he seems equally as excited as Szczepkowski.

“What an amazing idea to have Star Lord as a band; it’s just brilliant,” Jacques explained.  “Then when I was working on the score and Steve was sending another song, and I would know he was in the studio doing vocals one minute and I was getting all anticipated, then the next week he would send the mix, and being able to weave those throughout the score has been brilliant, and I think it really adds another level.”

On top of the original band and album, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy will also feature plenty of licensed music, from the likes of KISS, Iron Maiden, and Joan Jett. All of the licensed music can also be completely turned off, as a way for streamers to avoid copyright strikes.


In other news, the giants in Skyrim were apparently modelled after the father of a character artist who worked on the game.

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