‘Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy”s narrative designer joins Bioware

Mary DeMarle is now senior narrative designer at Bioware

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Deus Ex narrative designer Mary DeMarle has joined EA studio BioWare

This was spotted on ResetEra by user Fiery Phoenix, who posted a link to the now former-Eidos Montréal narrative designer’s LinkedIn page. DeMarle’s new job title has her listed as senior narrative designer at the studio (via PC Gamer).

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy combat Screenshot
Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Credit: Square Enix / Marvel


Given DeMarle’s pedigree, it seems safe to assume that she could be involved in either the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf or the next entry in the Mass Effect franchise, which has yet to receive an official title.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy have both received acclaim for their narratives, with the latter even winning Best Narrative at 2021’s The Game Awards. Given Bioware’s penchant for narrative-driven titles, DeMarle’s hiring seems like a natural fit.

NME awarded Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy a respectable three out of five stars, stating: “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is actually better when you’re not playing it: everything it does to get you onside with its quippy humour, its sharp story-telling, and its endearing characters, it loses in clunky, laborious combat, some appalling pacing, and baffling design decisions.” Meanwhile, the story was noted as being “one of the best” of 2021’s game releases.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Credit: Eidos Montreal

Neither Dragon Age: Dreadwolf nor the new Mass Effect title have release dates or even release windows. The former was announced as far back as 2018 with a trailer, however Bioware stated recently that “we’re growing closer to that next adventure”, indicating that the game may be far in development. Meanwhile, news on Mass Effect has been scarce outside of a report that the game may be using Unreal Engine 5 as opposed to Frostbite.

In other news, Sony Santa Monica has urged God Of War: Ragnarok fans to be less toxic after developers have received abuse regarding news about the game.

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