‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ and ‘XCOM’ director Jake Solomon is leaving Firaxis

"My brain is on fire with a new dream. Time to go chase it"

Jake Solomon, the creative director behind Marvel’s Midnight Suns and the XCOM reboot, has announced that he is leaving Firaxis.

In a statement posted to Twitter today (February 17), Solomon revealed that he was leaving the studio after 23 years.

“I’m a big dreamer, and I fulfilled two lifelong dreams in making XCOM (And XCOM 2, and War Of The Chosen) and Marvel’s Midnight Suns,” wrote Solomon. “I’m the luckiest kid who ever lived.”


Solomon went on to thank Firaxis co-founder and Civilisation creator Sid Meier for teaching him, claiming “if I’m ever half as good as him I’ll be twice as good as I am now.”

“I’m grateful to my Firaxis teammates, past and present, for making dreams into reality,” continued Solomon. “Genuine love and gratitude. We did some real good stuff together. I’m grateful to 2K for always believing in the dreams, and always supporting us with the time and resources needed to bring them to life. And I’m so thankful to everyone who enjoyed XCOM and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. I’ve never taken this job for granted. Thank you for letting me do this job.”

XCOM 2 Android Port
XCOM 2 Credit: Firaxis

Looking ahead, Solomon said: “I loved designing tactical turn-based games, but it’s time for other, smarter people to push that space forward.”

“My brain is on fire with a new dream. Time to go chase it,” he added.

During his time at Firaxis, Solomon’s early work included the Sid Meier’s series, including Civilisation. Solomon went on work as creative director for both entries in Firaxis’ XCOM reboot, along with last year’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns.


Last month, Solomon said he had “no information” on whether XCOM 3 was in the works at Firaxis.

In other news, industry veterans behind the likes of Apex Legends, Titanfall and Call Of Duty have formed a new studio.

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