‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ gameplay uses iconic comic rivalry to show how combat works

The Hunter and Wolverine team up to face Sabretooth

Fans can now watch a 20 minute video showcasing gameplay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a tactical superhero game in development by Firaxis Games.

During a gameplay showcase posted yesterday (September 7), Marvel Midnight Suns used a battle between iconic comic rivals Wolverine and Sabretooth to show off the card-based combat system that fans will be able to play from March 2022.  The video is commentated by creative director Jake Solomon as well as franchise producer Garth Deangelis.

After leaving the Abbey – a hub where players can explore and socialise with fellow super heroes – a straightforward combat mission begins. Set about “10 to 12” hours into the game, Firaxis use this mission to show what they feel is “something you have not quite seen before when it comes to a tactics game”, though add that “it doesn’t play that different” to past Firaxis games such as Xcom.


After being assigned a hand of cards that function as each superhero’s set of abilities, the trio – Doctor Strange, The Hunter and Blade – make quick work of a batch of enemies by using a mix of offensive abilities. As the game is meant to “move pretty fast”, the mission is seemingly wrapped up quickly – until the last-minute appearance of Sabretooth.

This also introduces Wolverine to the fight, who pairs up with the Hunter to tackle the much tougher enemy. This is used to demonstrate that the “large cast of villains” in Marvel’s Midnight Suns have different perks designed to make their battles harder. In the case of Sabretooth, he is able to respond to every action a player makes outside of his traditional turn.

On the other hand, each hero has completely separate and unique abilities – with Wolverine having a strong mix of offensive and regenerative cards to use. In general, these cards include attack-type cards which are fairly standard damaging abilities, as well as skill cards that focus more on providing defensive and buff-related powers.

The combat also shows the use of heroism, which is a resource that is built up by using card abilities. Heroism is spent on the “most powerful attacks” in the game, which can have “devastating impacts” on enemy forces.

It also displays that “super powerful attacks” can be unlocked by forming a relationship with the heroes involved, adding value to the RPG elements that take up a “whole other half of the game”.


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