‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ has 2 post-credit scenes that hint at a sequel

The introduction of a familiar villain suggests there’s plenty more to come from Firaxis’ tactical RPG

Marvel’s Midnight Suns features two post-credit scenes, with both clips hinting at future expansions to Firaxis’ tactical role-playing game. Spoilers below.

As reported by PC Gamer, after defeating main antagonist Chthon in Midnight Suns‘ final mission, players are shown a scene set at the Abbey Library where Caretaker, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch are flicking through various books in search of a way to bring The Hunter back to life, after they sacrificed themselves to save the world. Then, to make a potential follow-up even more obvious, Caretaker says: “Lilith and The Hunter’s bond defied death before … prophecy or not, I know this story is far from over.”


If that wasn’t a strong enough hint, the second post-credits scene focuses on the Darkhold, the book that Lilith stabbed with Chthon’s knife at the climax of the game. It’s still hanging out where the final battle took place when the clip soon introduces a familiar-looking armour-clad leg and green cape. Their metallic hand is then revealed, as they pick up the book and mutter “amateurs…” before the character (who is clearly Dr. Doom) breaks into laughter, setting up either an expansion or a sequel.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be getting a season pass which will include access to additional Marvel characters.

The bonus characters include Deadpool, Venom, Morbius and Storm, who will each be made available to the game in four post-launch downloadable content (DLC) packs which will be released throughout 2023.

In a four-star review, NME wrote: “Marvel’s Midnight Suns is another essential Firaxis title, this time blended with superheroes. Smart use of the Marvel license and some bold choices mean this is essential for turn-based tactics fans, even if the young adult Abbey nonsense might not work for everyone.”

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