‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ PC patch adds two sharpness sliders

Get me sharp pictures of Spider-Man

A new patch for the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man has been released, and it includes two sharpness sliders and a plethora of bug fixes.

Sharpness sliders are the biggest addition to the game via this patch, with one in the display menu and another in the graphics menu. Both of these will let players fine tune the visual sharpness of Marvel’s Spider-Man and how it relates to upscaling techniques.

The slider in the display menu lets players change the setting when either Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling or AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) 2.0 are on – both of which improve the general graphical performance of games. The sharpness from these techniques can be changed across ten different steps in the game, to get what looks best for your own PC.


Marvel’s Spider-Man. Credit: Insomniac Games

In the graphics menu, the sharpness slider is different from the display one, and works independently as well. It functions similarly to the sharpness slider in the game’s photo mode, as it directly controls the in-game sharpness itself.

The last new feature is manual aspect ratios, as 32:9 and 21:9 can be forced onto absolutely any screen, so everyone can at least experience what the game looks like in ultrawide aspect ratios, even if they don’t have an ultrawide screen.

A number of general bug fixes are also in the patch, which can be found here. The issue where some PCs with Intel GPUs stop players from taking a photo of the Empire State Building is still being investigated, whilst some achievements are unlocking correctly as well.

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