‘Mass Effect 3’ Citadel DLC was a “love letter” to fans, says female Shepard actor

Jennifer Hale said the Citadel DLC was "the capstone to the entire trilogy"

Jennifer Hale, the voice actor behind female Shepard in the Mass Effect trilogy, has said that the Citadel DLC was a “love letter to the fans.”

In a new interview with GamesRadar to celebrate N7Day, Hale spoke about Mass Effect 3‘s Citadel DLC and how it was made for the fans.

“To me, that also goes back to the nature of the company making this, like the heart of BioWare,” Hale said. “It’s just so beautiful. It’s so responsive and so open-minded and open-hearted and inclusive and connected, and it’s really about what it’s about. It’s about the game and the material, and it’s not about anything else and it’s incredible.”


The voice actor also spoke about how the Citadel DLC was “the capstone to the entire trilogy”, giving credit to one of the writers at BioWare, Cathleen Rootsaert, for championing the party during the DLC.

“That gave you the opportunity to see characters, NPCs, interact that never interacted before. You got to have Wrex and Grunt in the same room, and oh Zaeed is here as well, and you get to see the conversation between them,” Hale said.

During N7DAY yesterday (November 7), EA teased a new entry to the Mass Effect series with a poster claiming “Mass Effect will continue”. The poster shows an orbital shot, as well as a spaceship and a group of characters that seem to be heading towards a crater. The crater itself looks like a Geth, or possibly the character Legion.

In other news, Bandai Namco has revealed the specs and compatibility details for Elden Ring on PC and console.

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