May 2022 additions to Nintendo Switch Online have been revealed

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play two more SNES titles and an additional NES game

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers now have access to additional SNES titles as well as another NES game.

The games in question are 1992’s Congo’s Caper, 1992’s Rival Turf, and 1984’s Pinball.

Developed by now-defunct Data East Corporation (DECA), Congo’s Caper is a 2D action platformer featuring the titular Congo (a half-human, half-monkey hybrid) as he ventures to save his kidnapped girlfriend from demons. Similar to the likes of Mario, Congo will lose power upon being hit, reverting back to his monkey form, with a subsequent hit making the player lose a life. The game was met with a relatively middling reception upon its release, being noted as a competent but unremarkable platformer.


Rival Turf! is a 2D beat ‘em up developed by Jalco, which is also a defunct studio, shuttering its doors back in 2014. Akin to many of its contemporaries, the game stars a teenager fighting through gangs in suburban settings to rescue his significant other. The game also supports a second player. Unfortunately, it was viewed as being inferior to the likes of the now-iconic Final Fight and Streets of Rage titles.

Lastly, Pinball is as described, being a virtual recreation of classic pinball machines for the NES. There isn’t much particularly notable about this one, other than it being developed in-house by Nintendo, as well as being based on the Game & Watch Pinball unit and releasing as a launch title for the NES in North America. It’s noted as being a suitable version of Pinball, if unexceptional.

Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions come in two tiers, with the base model offering online play and access to NES and SNES games. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack gives subscribers access to the former features alongside a catalogue of Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive games and various expansions for Nintendo Switch games.

In other news, Microsoft has addressed several abuse accusations.

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