Meet the ten alien superheroes in ‘No More Heroes 3’ trailer

Travis Touchdown is back, back, back

With less than a month to go before the proper return of anti-hero Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes 3, a new trailer shines a light on his galactic opponents.

Where in previous instalments, the beam katana-wielding assassin has fought against other assassins, in No More Heroes 3 he has to save the world from a group of alien superheroes led by a figure called Foo, who also refers to himself as Jean Baptise the Sixth.

Foo is joined by nine other alien superheroes dispatched to conquer Earth, but they have also been recognised by the game’s United Assassins Association as members of the new Galactic Superhero ranking, who Travis will have to go up against in.


The alien superheroes of No More Heroes 3 include “space ore dealer” Gold Joe, masked “alien kidnapper” Black Knight Direction, “memory thief” Vanishing Point, the surreal-looking Velvet Chair Girl, and “dark world princess” Midori Midorikawa.

The identity of the “big four” are kept under wraps, though a few of them are briefly glimpsed in the trailer.

The remainder also shows Travis engaging in the ultra-violent combat he is best known for, which includes bloody executions, wrestling takedowns, and the same suggestive action of recharging his beam katana.

Outside of combat, it appears that Travis will still be able to ride his motorcycle in certain sections, as well as take part in a series of mundane jobs like lawn-mowing to earn funds for his ranking battles.


No More Heroes 3 releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 27. However, anticipation may have been marred by recently uploaded gameplay footage, which shows the game has rather poor performance, with frame rates averaging around 10-15 FPS.

Elsewhere, developer Ben Esposito provided a gameplay breakdown for new game Neon White, which appears to have a style inspired by Grasshopper Manufacture.