‘Metroid Dread’ gets new mode where players fight 12 continuous boss battles

Survival and Dread Rush have also been added

The second of two planned updates for Metroid Dread went live today (April 8) with a new Boss Rush mode added, alongside general fixes.

Boss Rush sees players fight 12 continuous boss battles, with an emphasis on speed. According to the patch notes, “any damage received is carried-over into the next fight, weapons are fully-restored between battles and if Samus is defeated, players may select ‘Retry’ to continue playing from the start of the battle they lost. There is, however, a time penalty for being defeated.”

Boss Rush is available to all players who have cleared the main game.


Alongside Boss Rush, the 2.1.0 patch also adds Dread Rush, available to all players who have defeated the main game using Dread Mode. “The basic rules are the same as in Boss Rush, but if Samus is hit by a boss, her energy drops to zero and she is defeated.”

There’s also Survival Rush, a mode where players see how many bosses they can defeat inside of the 5 minute time limit. Survival is available to anyone who completes either Boss or Dread rush.

In February, an update added an easier and a more challenging difficulty mode to the main game.

The following month, Metroid Dread won Game Of The Year at the BandLab NME Awards 2022, beating 343 Industries’ Halo InfiniteIO Interactive’s Hitman 3, indie puzzle game Unpacking and Arkane Studios FPS game Deathloop.


In a statement about the win, a spokesperson from Nintendo of America said: “The development team paid special care to make sure that all players, including those who’d never encountered the series before, could jump in and enjoy this game. We’d like to deliver a big ‘thank you’ to all the players on behalf of all the staff that worked on bringing the development vision to reality.”

In other news, IShowSpeed, a YouTube streamer with 6.9million followers, has been permanently banned from every Riot Games title after footage of a misogynistic tirade during a game of Valorant was shared on social media.

Valorant game producer Sara Dadafshar responded, saying “this is a huge yikes and we do NOT want players like this in our community at all.”

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