‘Metroid Dread’ has a progression bug that can crash the game

Nintendo has shared solution to avoid bug and promises a patch by end of October

A serious progression bug has been discovered in Metroid Dread that can cause the game to crash.

Nintendo has already been made aware of the bug, which can occur near the end of the game, and has shared details to players on how to avoid it, while a patch will be released by the end of October to fix it.


A post from Nintendo Support explains that if the player destroys a door while a map marker for that specific door is displayed on the map, the game will forcibly close and the following message will appear: “The software was closed because an error occurred.”

Fortunately, the bug won’t affect the player’s save or completely block progress. Players who experience the crash are advise to restart the game and remove the door icon map marker before reaching this door to prevent the error from occurring.

Once the October 2021 software update is available, downloading the patch should fix this issue completely.

Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread. Credit: Nintendo

Metroid Dread launched on October 8 alongside the new Nintendo Switch OLED. In the UK, it has become the fastest selling Metroid game, selling more than three and a half times as many copies as the last 2D Metroid game did at launch, Metroid: Samus Returns. It’s seen just as much success in Japan, where it has already outsold every past instalment.

Its success has however been marred by developers who have spoken out against MercurySteam for not being credited in Metroid Dread, despite their work appearing in the final game.


According to a statement from a studio spokesperson, “The policy of the studio requires that anyone must work on the project at least 25 per cent of the time, of the total development of the game, to appear in the final credits. Sometimes exceptions are made when making exceptional contributions.”

Elsewhere, it’s now possible to play Doom on Twitter.