‘Metroid Prime Trilogy’ is “done and Nintendo is holding it”

According to an industry insider

News has emerged that a Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster for Nintendo Switch has already finished development and is awaiting release.

The news comes from respected VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grub who claimed via a paywalled Giant Bomb show that Nintendo is merely holding off on its release in part due to restricted QA (Quality Assurance) resources due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and, also, because it has a plan to align its release more closely with Metroid Prime 4.

This isn’t brand new information exactly as the claim matches with Twitter posts from games journalist Imran Khan back in 2019, but it is a step forward for the rumour mill.


According to Grubb on the show (via VGC), “the game is done and Nintendo is holding it”. He explained, “Nintendo’s done this a lot recently so it’s not unusual, it’s not a sign of some bad thing happening, it’s not a sign of a lack of faith in Metroid… Nintendo can afford [to sit on it] and that’s how they’re treating it.”

Grubb also believes the pandemic has affected things with “Japan…still dealing with these issues” as well as the fact that Metroid Prime Trilogy is “definitely going to be a marketing beat for Metroid Prime 4,” suggesting we won’t see the trilogy until we see the latest installment too.

The news comes only a few weeks after Nintendo announced a brand new 2D Metroid game at E3 – Metroid Dread – which is planned for release on 8 October 2021 and is the first brand new 2D Metroid game in 19 years. Elsewhere, a fan project has reinvented Metroid Prime as a 2D game.

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