Microsoft is removing direct social media clip sharing from Xbox consoles

A feature that’s been present for years is seemingly going away

As part of the insider ring of testing Xbox dashboard updates, it has been reported that the option to share video captures directly to Twitter has been removed from the console.

As noticed by WindowsCentral, before this update you could take a quick video via the share button on your controller, and upload it directly to Twitter to share with your audience. But it seems this opinion has been replaced with the option to share to “mobile”.


The idea is that you can send a video clip to your phone then share it from there. This adds extra steps to an otherwise simple thing, and it’s very strange since this feature is not only available on PlayStation consoles and the Nintendo Switch, but it’s been available on Xbox for years.

At first it might have been seen as a potential mistake, or a change that was for testing, but since then the “share to” menu has even got social media icons inside the “mobile” part of the menu. It has icons for Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and a “plus” icon, presumably for more options.

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S. Credit: Microsoft

It’s entirely possible this still could be a thing Xbox is in the process of testing, as the insider ring tests dashboard updates that are not final.

No comment has been made by the team at Xbox as of yet, but speculation from WindowsCentral is that it could be due to high fees of the Twitter API, though it’s a feature many people use daily, so even that would be strange. NME has reached out to Xbox for a comment on this story and will update accordingly should we receive any clarification on why this has happened.


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