Microsoft tests out new Xbox night mode to dim your screen and lights

It should ease eye strain

Microsoft has begun testing a new night mode for its Xbox consoles with Xbox Insider members first to try out the new set of options.

As part of the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring of updates, the new Xbox Update Preview will allow Xbox owners to dim their screens, adjust the LED brightness of their controllers, and even dim the power button itself.

The series of customisation options are fairly extensive with different dimming levels as well as an optional blue light filter being available. Controllers can also be dimmed, with it being possible to switch the Xbox power button light off entirely.


Alongside the lighting options, it will also be possible to switch to the system’s dark mode and disable HDR whenever night mode is enabled, giving players’ eyes a bit of a break during the night time.

To make it work effectively, it’ll be possible to set up schedules for the night mode, much like how smartphones and computers already operate. Options will be both manual and automatic with the ability to enable the mode at sunset before disabling it at sunrise.

Full details of the latest update are available on the Xbox Insider Release Notes blog. Users that aren’t part of the Xbox Insider Update Preview will need to sign up to be part of such changes but expect the night mode to gradually become available to more console owners over time.

In other news, another Twitch and Xbox indie showcase is happening tomorrow – August 10 – with plenty of upcoming indie titles including The Artful Escape, OlliOlli World, Library of Ruina, and RPG Time expected to be showcased.

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