‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ launches next week

The multiplayer, ghost-hunting game was first announced during E3 2019

During the Future Games Show Spring showcase, it was confirmed that Midnight Ghost Hunt will launch on March 31.

From publisher Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Vaulted Sky Games, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a Ghostbusters-esque multiplayer hide-and-seek game where players can either take the role of Ghosts or Hunters.

A new cinematic trailer debuted at the Future Games Show and demonstrated what players could expect from the multiplayer. The trailer mostly shows how Ghosts and Hunters will interact with each other, and the environment – specifically a dark, isolated mansion – but the video does transition to give players a glimpse at the first-person gameplay.


The  4v4 player game features a series of locations, including an abandoned theatre, a mansion, and a cursed pirate ship and the option for Ghosts to possess a collection of furniture pieces. When players do this, they’ll take the appearance and control of whichever item they choose, a mechanic similar to the one featured in Prop Hunt. You can check out the cinematic launch trailer below:

It’s up to the Hunters to capture and rid the game of the Ghosts while synergising with teammates with abilities to outthink opponents.

There are energy weapons, a laser gatling gun, and more to choose from, along with a selection of Perks to give Hunters special ability boosts, for example, the Lightweight’s extra burst of speed and the Healing Aura’s health-replenishing skill.

Midnight Ghost Hunt will be available on PC via Steam and is currently available to wishlist. The game was announced at E3 2019 during the PC Gaming Show, and both the developer and publisher have been quiet since.


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