‘Midnight Suns’ was influenced by ‘Dragon Ball Fighter Z’

Animations and combat were inspired by the anime game

Highly-anticipated Marvel game Midnight Suns apparently took inspiration from an unlikely source – none other than Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

During an interview with Edge Magazine (via The Loadout), the team behind the upcoming Marvel tactics game explained how anime has influenced its style.

Describing Dragon Ball Fighter Z as a “big influence,” art director Denis Moellers said, “there are some moves where they [the camera] zoom out to show the entire planet and you can see this explosion going off.”


He also explained how anime can “translate these amazing comic-book poses into animation”. The same idea made it into Marvel’s Midnight Suns when it comes to the superheroes’ Heroic attacks, such as “Captain Marvel delivering an uppercut with glowing fists, Doctor Strange opening the Eye Of Agamotto, [or] Nico sprouting wings of black energy.”

Creative director, Jake Solomon, explained why they took this approach – to make the player feel like “one of the most powerful people on Earth.” He added: “You’ve always got to think about the fantasy.”

Of course, Marvel’s Midnight Suns isn’t just all about tactics – it was recently revealed that RPG-like elements will also play a big part in the game.

“You think the world of Marvel, and it’s not enough to just have a series of menus in between missions or a base that doesn’t have a lot of content,” said franchise producer Garth Deangelis. “The grounds are overloaded with secrets and mysteries and deep, deep lore to learn more.”

Additionally, Midnight Suns will not include any microtransactions, instead offering a complete single-player experience at launch.


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