‘Might and Magic 10’ is back on sale and actually works now

There's free DLC for players as an apology

After removing Might and Magic 10 from sale in July, Ubisoft has fixed the game and rereleased it onto the Ubisoft Store and Steam.

Might and Magic 10 players had a bit of a disastrous time earlier this year when the game’s servers were shut down in June and the game was rendered unplayable. The shutdown led to an inability to reach further than Act 1 in the game as well as no way of playing any downloadable content either.

It was a problem that confused even Ubisoft, who declared at the time that it was “investigating the reported issues”. It then chose to remove the game from sale completely.


Since then and following a wealth of negative Steam user reviews, it turns out that Ubisoft has been quietly working on the problem. Last night, a Twitter statement explained that the game is now back on the Ubisoft Store and Steam and everything is working just right again.

The company has also rewarded players for their enforced patience by offering The Falcon & the Unicorn downloadable content for free.

In the statement, Ubisoft explained that “our teams have spent the last few months investigating and testing the different solutions to make sure players’ experience lives up to our standards in terms of quality of service.”

Might and Magic 10 is now available for sale if you have been itching to play it since its controversial summer.


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