‘Might & Magic X’ has been taken off Steam due to ongoing DRM issues

There's little hope in sight for the RPG classic

Ubisoft has chosen to delist Might & Magic X: Legacy from Steam in light of the game’s ongoing progression issues.

Might & Magic X: Legacy has now been removed from Steam after players were unable to progress further than Act 1 in its game due to digital rights management software being unable to reach the server which was closed earlier in the year.

The game had its serves shut down by Ubisoft on June 1, locking players out of the game’s The Falcon And The Unicorn expansion, but also preventing players from progressing past Act 1.


As NME reported in June, Ubisoft continued to sell Might & Magic X and its associated DLC and other add-ons, which lead to many questioning whether the publisher even knew about the issue.

On June 28, a post on the Steam community forums for Might & Magic X by a verified developer account named Ubi-Milky said that they were waiting for a response from the Might & Magic team:

“We are also now aware you are unable to progress past Act 1 of the game, because of an activation needed. We are busy investigating a possible solution and will do our best to update you when we hear back from the Might and Magic team, thank you.”

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