‘Might & Magic X’ server shutdown leaves players without DLC and endgame

Deluxe Edition items have also disappeared

Might And Magic X players have found their ability to use DLC and reach further than Act I in the game hampered by a shutdown server.

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The game’s servers were shut on June 1, but Might And Magic players have been having issues ever since. The Falcon And The Unicorn DLC appears to be completely broken, with no reliable way to access the levels and areas included.


Some workarounds have been suggested on Reddit, but many of these include brute-forcing the player into areas from the DLC and do not allow the story to progress organically. Many also include legally questionable practices.

The DLC for Might And Magic X is still available on the Steam store, which has some questioning whether Ubisoft is even aware of the issue.

However, Might And Magic X was included in a list of multiplayer server shutdowns on the Ubisoft website, where it is stated that “solo features for each game remain available” but that “unlockable content will no longer be available even if it has been redeemed previously”.

In similar news, Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock has confirmed that the upcoming game will be always-online, even when played alone – requiring users to have an active connection from launch.

The information was relayed in a tweet from the developer, Turtle Rock, and went on to say the team will be “looking into ways we could support offline for the future”, but that the game would have no such capabilities at launch.