‘Minecraft’ Christmas world from Nvidia aims to raise funds for GOSH

Celebrate and do some good at the same time

A custom-built Minecraft map is going festive as Nvidia is working with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to raise money for the charity. 

The free Minecraft map has used over 30million blocks to bring together a digital festive experience and promote the work of GOSH, as it aims to raise funding and awareness for its Christmas fundraising campaign.

The map uses Nvidia’s ray-tracing technology to bring festive storytelling elements to life, like an interactive Santa, quests, a Ferris wheel and rollercoaster, and over 38 virtual-acres of space.


You can find link to the map here.

Minecraft Christmas Santa
Minecraft. Credit: Mojang

There’s also a full recreation of the GOSH building, and ways for visitors to virtually donate money via in-game mechanics of the Christmas fundraising campaign.

You can donate to the GOSH campaign here, which aims to bring the festive spirit to the hospital for children and get them one step closer to home. This includes funding state-of-the-art medical technology, pioneering research programmes into treatments and cures for rare conditions and patient and family support services.

Money raised will also help bring Christmas to the hospital for children from across the UK whose treatment needs to continue over the festive season, as well as funding important services for GOSH staff working to care for patients and their families.

In other news, Amazon’s MMO New World has announced a crossover with The Wheel Of Time. As the show is also streaming on Amazon Prime, the fantasy crossover seemed somewhat inevitable.


The Winter Convergence Festival has also come to the MMO, and it’ll be live until January 11. Players will be able to get “new armours, weapons, furnishing, skins, consumables, and a delightful “present gifting emote” during the time.

During the event Gleamite Showers can occur at night, which leave crystals across the map that can be harvested by players for Winter Tokens to get the above items.

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