‘Minecraft’ community votes for the cookie-fetching Allay to be added

A new friendly mob to dance with

Mojang has announced that the Allay has won the Minecraft Live 2021 fan vote for which mob should be added next.

The Allay is a winged spirit that is bright blue and will provide the player with gifts. It is naturally friendly to players and spawns in the overworld. If a player gives an Allay a gift it will fly off to find more of the item it was given. The Allay likes music and will dance when it hears nearby music blocks. It will also drop off items at music blocks if there are any nearby.

Fans got to vote between three mobs that could be added to Minecraft. The Allay won, outvoting the Bronze Golem and Glare.


Also during Minecraft Live, Mojang announced The Wild Update, a major patch coming to Minecraft in 2022. This will target the outdoor areas of the world. A new biome is coming called the Mangrove Swamp. Frogs and tadpoles will take residence in swamp biomes. New mangrove trees will also be added, which can generate in shapes large enough to row a boat under. The new trees will also provide new building materials for a different style of the wooden block.

Players will also be able to create clay blocks, which were previously non-renewable resources in Minecraft. There will also be an option to create mud bricks, which will provide new options for building in both creative and survival modes.

The update will also add a new Deep Dark biome. This will be home to a new boss called the Warden. The boss will hunt players based on sound and vibration for a different kind of challenge. The biome was originally revealed in 2020 but was delayed.

In other news, Valorant cheating reports are at an all-time low after the introduction of a new kernel-level anti-cheat.