‘Minecraft’ finally fixes weather bug that disrupted chance of rain

Let it rain, let it rain

The latest Minecraft snapshot beta has revealed that the game will finally let it rain after you sleep.

As part of the Minecraft snapshot 21W44A beta patch (thanks, PCGamesN), “sleeping now only resets the weather cycle if it was raining”. Sleeping was meant to skip the current weather conditions so you could sleep through a nasty storm. However, until now, sleeping has reset the weather cycle entirely leading to players often seeing some strange results.

Crucially, it meant that players who went to sleep every night would hardly ever see rain. Once the update goes live, that will no longer be a problem.


Minecraft The Wild Update
Minecraft. Credit: Mojang

The new snapshot update also offers some improvements to the world generation system. It allows caves to be “inserted under existing chunks when upgrading a world to the new world height” which means deeper caves for all, even when upgrading an old world.

The update also sees a new online options screen so players can now find the Realms Notifications option and Difficulty when on a server. Other tweaks include foxes no longer spawning on podzol or coarse dirt, and icebergs going all the way to the ocean floor.

To see the full set of tweaks, there’s an extensive blog post detailing every change.

In recent times, Minecraft has added new music that is not from the original Minecraft composer. It has also been referenced in a study about the harassment that young gamers face online.


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