‘Minecraft’ player is rebuilding all of the ‘Civilization VI’ world wonders

"You haven't seen anything yet"

A dedicated Minecraft builder is recreating every world wonder from Civilization VI in-game.

As spotted by PCGamesN, LookosZero posted on both the Civilization and Minecraft subreddits sharing a time-lapse of their remake of Civ VI‘s Great Lighthouse.

The Minecraft builder said that they are working with their friend and “planning” to recreate all of Civ VI‘s world wonders in the game, having started with the Great Lighthouse.


Every build they create will be uploaded to YouTube where they have since uploaded several short timelapse builds of even more Civ VI world wonders. These include the Oracle, Etemenanki, Forbidden City, Hanging Gardens, Saint Basil Cathedral, and the Cristo Redentor.

You can take a look at the timelapse below:

I made the Civilization VI Great Lighthouse animation but in minecraft from civ

In the Reddit thread, LookosZero says in response to the support and feedback, “You haven’t seen anything yet” and saying that it took them “Like a week playing around 3-5 hours a day in survival” to create the Great Lighthouse.

The builder is even offering other players the opportunity to download their world so they can preview the world wonders in-game themselves.

Minecraft is still a widely popular game to this day that players are continuously creating some mighty impressive builds. Most recently, one player recreated Stardew Valley‘s Pelican Town, featuring almost every character’s home.


The Pelican Town recreation uses Minecraft texture packs and shaders to make the build look more vibrant and the player is planning on building the rest of the town.

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