‘Mir4’ is fending off negative Steam reviews with in-game cryptocurrency

After hitting level 40, players can earn cryptocurrency

Despite the majority of reviews for the game being negative, Mir4 is rising through the popularity charts on Steam – potentially due to the existence of cryptocurrency in the game.

On Steam, 64 per cent of Mir4‘s 740 reviews are critical, meaning the game reception has been marked ‘Mostly negative’ by Valve. Although the game has been poorly received, a quick check on Steamcharts shows that the MMO is quickly building a player base and had almost 19,000 players on the game just 15 minutes ago.

As PCGamesN has reported, the popularity of Mir4 seems to hinge on the cryptocurrency that players can earn within the game. Once players hit level 40, they can earn a digital currency called Draco, used with the creator WeMade‘s wallet service (WeMix). As it stands, WeMix currently values Dracos at $2 (1.45), which has decreased in value by 28 per cent.


Draco can be converted to an in-game resource or used to purchase in-game NFTs, which players will be able to sell to each other in a marketplace next month.

By looking at the positive Steam reviews of Mir4, it seems that this could be why players are sticking around in the game. The first recommended review we found states, “The only reason anyone would play this [is] because it has crypto/blockchain in it”.

Another adds that they only play Mire4 to “Farm/earn Draco coin”, while a third describes Mir4 as the “Best NFT game available today”.

On the other hand, the negative reviews – far more numerous – criticise elements of the actual gameplay rather than the cryptocurrency side. Many claim that the game doesn’t have too much interaction and will often control your character on autopilot, while others feel that the game is “pay to win” and has technical problems with audio and server issues.


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